Grace Echoing Mercy (GEM)


Grace Echoing Mercy (GEM) is a part of a Sunday Night Bible Study that originally formed at Westminster Presbyterian Church more than 12 years ago.  Members of this group now attend Westminster Presbyterian Church, Faithful Shepard Presbyterian Church, West Hills Church, and King of King Lutheran Church.  They participate regularly in mission projects in the area. Grace-Echoing-Mercy (GEM) providing music at Crossroads Worship
Grace-Echoing-Mercy (GEM) providing music at Crossroads Worship


GEM has been serving meals and leading singing at Crossroads for several years.  They “love serving at Crossroads.  We really enjoy doing this because we always are welcomed graciously.  The people at Crossroads are so appreciative of our music and the food we serve.  If other people want to learn how to make someone welcomed and comfortable, they should take lessons from those at Crossroads Connections.”


“The Bible says that much is expected of those to whom much is given.  And we believe it is our calling and our pleasure to serve those whose lives have not been as simple as ours.  We are all sinners.  Unfortunately, some have committed sins that are also unlawful.  It doesn’t make their sins worse than the rest of us, just different.  Since every one of us sinners wants to be treated with love and respect, we like to extend that courtesy to those at Crossroads. They certainly show us love and respect in return.”