We are currently looking for individuals to Volunteer to fill important needs in our ministry:


Mentors are needed to help with job seeking skills, personal finances, spiritual issues, social skills training, personal issues, and transportation.


Drivers with a valid Commercial Drivers License (CDL) (Class C or higher with a passenger endorsement) are needed to periodically drive the Crossroads Bus to transport inmates from the work release center to worship on Sunday nights.


If you can help fill these needs, please contact Diane Greenfield, Worship Coordinator, at 402-516-2403.

We also have an ongoing need for volunteers for such things as:
  • Volunteer driving sponsors are still needed to take inmates from the Work Release Center to Sunday worship and other events.  The schedule varies and you need to take a class provided by the Center and pass a basic background check.
  • Preachers who can come to our Sunday or Prison services and minister to our community.
  • Musicians to provide music at our Sunday services.
  • Food servers to provide food for our community at Fellowship Dinners.

If you would like to be a volunteer, please contact us!

Page Updated 2-10-20