Planning committee meets to discuss forming a ministry for inmates and their families; ministry begins “inside the walls”


Worship begins at Miller Park Presbyterian Church under the leadership of Rev. Roy Fox, incorporating families and inmates of the Community Correctional Center-Omaha (Work Release Center)


2005, June
Worship services and fellowship moves from Miller Park Presbyterian Church to space provided by Underwood Hills Presbyterian Church



Began housing program for newly released inmates in a rented house on Lafayette Street


Crossroads Connection provides Fresh Start education classes to inmates at Community Correctional Center-Omaha, led by Conrado Rodriguez


2006, January
Crossroads organizational structure expands as the initial Board of Directors is formed


2006, April
Program begins offering housing to newly released ex-offenders in need.


2006, June
Crossroads Pantry is formed, which begins providing food and toiletries to inmates, ex-offenders, and their families


2006, October
The Clothes Closet is organized, and begins providing clothing and shoes to inmates and ex-offenders