LIFE Transitional Living Information


Crossroads Connection organizes Sunday evening worship services for inmates of CCC-O and their families.  In conjunction with Followers of Christ, we offer Financial Peace University programming in prisons.  Our other major effort is the LIFE (Living In Freedom Eternally) transitional housing program.  Participants are male parolees who commit to a six-month transition to well-grounded, independent citizenship.  (While we support women’s transitions, we do not have resources for a women’s program.)

The LIFE Manager guides participants toward daily decisions consistent with their long-term goals and necessary priorities.  In addition to weekly worship, on-going support includes weekly, Biblically-based, group counseling, individual mentoring, and assistance in accessing needed food, medical care, employment, and education.  LIFE participants must maintain full-time employment, program payments and participation, meet their parole requirements, and follow Crossroads’ and apartment management’s rules.  A policy sheet is available from the LIFE Manager or Crossroads President.

Typical CCC-O applicants are working in Omaha. Men whose parole lasts most or all of the six-month program period are also eligible.  To apply, give your name and case manager’s name to Matt Anselmo (402-779-9642), Jim Carroll (402-981-7520), or Crossroads (851 N 74th St, Omaha NE 68114) and ask to interview.  Those accepted must pre-pay $175 program fee (at least $350 if not already working in Omaha) for Adult Parole to process their plan. Do not ask for an interview unless you can make payment, or are referred for a spiritually-based program and allow us to document your inability to pay.  The minimum amount can be adjusted based on your resources and employability.

Crossroads attends parole hearings of those approved for LIFE.  Those released are brought with their belongings to one of the apartments we use and assisted in: meeting their parole officer and the apartment manager, obtaining a phone, regaining identification documents, and other general support.  They are supplied with an initial food allocation and, if necessary, assistance in finding employment, work clothing, and an initial bus pass to get to work.  We refund prepayments to those not granted parole.

While performing responsibly in the LIFE program, participants are provided safe housing in a furnished apartment. The apartments are located on Park Avenue south of Leavenworth, close to downtown, midtown, and bus routes.  Our apartments can house two men per bedroom in two-bedroom-two-bath units, with common living room, dining area, and kitchen.  Electricity and water are included; phone, cable, and parking are not.

Because we all know the grace of God, LIFE is prepared to help participants regain momentum promptly when a pothole diverts them from their transition back to the community. The LIFE manager supports meetings with parole officers, job interviews, community services, medical and counseling appointments, educational services, support groups and participation in service projects.  He guides re-entries over bureaucratic hurdles, and maintains contact with staff at Community Corrections Center-Omaha, adult parole, Heartland Family Services, the Charles Drew Health Center, Douglas County Hospital, and Metropolitan Community College.


Updated June, 2015