Crossroads LIFE (Living in Freedom Eternally) Program Policies


Those interviewed and accepted for the LIFE program are given this sheet (slightly amended) with signature lines at the bottom of the second page to document our agreement.    

Employment Policy

Most participants will be employed in the community when interviewed and as they enter the program.  Those without a job must secure regular employment within 21 days.  If not employed by then, the participant will meet with a review team of the program manager and at least one board member, which team may extend participation a maximum of 14 days.  Until hired, a participant is to be job seeking eight hours per day, Monday through Friday, out of the building or working with the LIFE manager to submit applications.  Document at least four employment contacts per day: log the names of the firm, the person spoken with, and the person’s contact information.  Job seekers can request transportation or a bus pass to submit applications and attend interviews.  Those who lose employment and do not secure new employment within 14 days will meet with a review team; the board may extend participation up to 14 more days.  Without employment, participation ends. 

Prepayment Policy 

Those approved for LIFE submit prepayment of program fee to Crossroads Connection, 851 N 74th St., Omaha, 68114.  Adult Parole will hold an inmate’s parole plan until we notify them of receipt of this payment.  $175 is required of those at CCC-O working in Omaha.  At least $350 (determined on a case-by-case basis) is expected of those not already working in Omaha.  Program fee credit is refunded when participants do not enter the program or leave in good standing.  If grant funding is available, the minimum amount may be adjusted for men released to parole of at least several months who document inability to make a prepayment this large.


Shared Commitments

1.  Participants commit to a six-month LIFE program.  Though things may seem fine after 90 days, it takes longer to build a solid foundation for success.  At the six-month mark participants are expected to have arranged permanent housing or a specific extension agreement with Crossroads.
2.  Crossroads commits to assisting entering participants: to help them meet with their parole officer and obtain identification necessary to obtain work; to provide transportation to, or an order from, a food bank; to introduce them to the property manager and submit to the property manager a photo for identification; to provide transportation to get a phone; to get surplus clothing and toiletries from the Crossroads clothes closet; and to get to work the first day of a new job.
3. Crossroads commits to appointing a mentor.  The mentor and participant will: establish goals (professional/educational, social/relationship, spiritual/emotional, financial), design a plan to reach each, and meet at least monthly to check progress.  Mentor and participant will discuss an area of education that the participant will focus on during the program; the mentor has the final decision.


Crossroads LIFE Program Requirements

1. Participants are required to attend weekly worship, at Crossroads Sunday evenings or an alternative service.  If an alternative is used, the participant will give the program manager each week a document signed by a designated sponsor verifying attendance.
2.  Participants are required to attend the weekly group session provided by Crossroads, currently meeting 9:00 – 10:00 AM Sundays at Underwood Hills Presbyterian Church.  Participants called to work at this time can be excused only if this is approved at least 16 hours in advance, an accepted alternate is proposed, and attendance at such alternate meeting is documented.
3. Participants must remain drug- and alcohol-free, and submit to drug testing as directed.  Prior to obtaining prescribed medications and over-the-counter products such as cold medicines which may contain drugs or alcohol, participants are to disclose their use to the LIFE program manager.
4. Participants must comply with the employment policy, and make a payment of program fee from each paycheck: $90/week or $180 biweekly until a month’s program fee ($350/month) is fully credited before the first of the month, after which payments of at least $175 every two weeks are sufficient.  If between jobs, submit a minimum of 25% of gross pay from day labor.
5. Participants are to clean all cooking and eating equipment each day, maintain order in the apartment, clean their areas and common areas for inspection weekly, and allow the LIFE manager and committee members full access when requested. 
6. Give four hours community service monthly to Crossroads or to a partner church/organization, or attend four hours of education monthly as directed by the mentor, or do both.
7. Meet other conditions of parole.


Apartment Property Rules

1.  No resident or visitor is to bring alcohol, drugs (other than those individually prescribed, and communicated to the LIFE manager), or a weapon of any kind onto the property.
2. Violent or destructive behavior in or near the building constitutes grounds for expulsion from the property and immediate dismissal from the program.
3. Smoking is not permitted in the building: hallways, apartments, or bedrooms.  Groups of smokers near the entrances are not permitted.
4. Visitors are permitted into the building only if previously approved by the property manager; photo identification is required.  Visitors are permitted into the public areas (living room, kitchen, hallway bathroom) of Crossroads apartments only as previously approved by the LIFE Manager.  Visitors are not allowed in bedrooms.  No guests allowed between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM.
5. The residents of each apartment unit are responsible for regular and thorough cleaning of their unit, and for reporting promptly to the property manager (or to the LIFE manager who will in turn document a report to the property manager) any need for maintenance.  The residences are subject to monthly inspections to verify compliance with these requirements.
Crossroads currently rents apartments at 1026 Park Avenue, Omaha, NE 68105-2238.
If you are on parole a copy of this document will be provided to Adult Parole.


Updated June, 2015