About Crossroads Connection of Omaha

Prison and the transition back to life outside can be overwhelming for inmates.  Crossroads Connection works to bridge the gap in the current penal system by helping former inmates find their way back into society through caring support of Christ's followers. 


Mission Statement  

Crossroads Connection is a Christian community of faith in support of prisoners, those released, and their families, because God's grace is extended to all.



Vision Statement

We have been moved by the spiritual vacuum of offenders.  We are saddened by the strain in their families.  We are aware of the psychological, physical, and financial damage done to victims.  All suffer, and the criminal justice system cannot undo this.  Therefore, we must do all that God wants us to do by communicating God’s grace, healing the hurt, rebuilding lives and restoring peace that passes human understanding.  In keeping with our call from God, we will be:
          A worshipping people
          A learning people
          A missionary people
          A giving people
          A restorative people


The Mustard Seed

Based on the Parable of the Mustard Seed, Crossroads’ effect on our participants usually starts small but often grows to huge proportions.


According to Mark 4:30-32, the mustard seed is the smallest seed in the world, but once it is planted, it grows larger than any garden plant.  This is a reminder to out participants that spiritual growth comes in very small steps, but over time these steps can produce great growth in their lives.  They can participate in the kingdom of God through small expressions of love and service when the opportunities present themselves.  A smile, a strong handshake, a word of encouragement, a phone call, a comforting hug, a helping hand, a financial contribution, changing a flat tire, attending worship services, praying--all of these acts are them planting mustard seeds. 


After attending three worship services we give mustard seed tokens of encouragement to participants to remind them how God's kingdom works.  These tokens have the Crossroads logo on one side, and a mustard seed with the words, “Take this mustard seed and grow.”  The mustard seed token is a reminder to all that their old life is behind them and they are growing in the faith and in their relationship to God to make a better future.